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Like this ancient Hawaiian game of checkers called KONANE.  Management and leadership is about skill, efficiency, risk, commitment and confidence.


We have a combined 50 years' experience in both leadership development, management coaching, and human resource consulting, resulting in an array of satisfied and grateful clients.

It AIl Starts With Inspiration

PACIFIC LEADERSHIP PARTNERS was created as the "inevitable next step" by Celine Pi'ilani Nelsen, a native Hawaiian and former COO of a renowned leadership academy in Hawaii.  She saw a need to complement leadership development and empowerment programs with a unique hands on approach that combined ancient Polynesian processes with modern day wisdom.


Masters at "telling it like it is" - Celine Nelsen's unique approach to "build the inside" of a person, the skill building will be easier - has afforded many companies and individuals the ability to improve their overall confidence and INSPIRE them to do their best in "all" that they do.

We're dedicated to mastering the art of empowerment. You supply the vision, and we'll do the rest.